Our full-colour SLOG Newsletter is sent directly to members four times a year:mid-Feb, mid-May, mid-Aug & mid-Nov. Each one reviews recent SLOG events and flags up forthcoming events.Apple blossom
Regular features include an update from the SLOG Orchard, a "Plagues & Pestilence" topic, a New Apple Variety Review, a "My Favourite Apple" article and a profile of an orchard open to the public.
It also contains other topical articles and useful information & services.
*Educational and informative, "The Apple of Your Eye" is a must-read for all South Lakes & N.Lancs Fruit fanatics!*



Newsletter Autumn 2016

Newsletter Summer 2016

Andy's 28th newsletter for SLOG, and still as interesting and informative as ever. As well as the usual update on SLOG activities, find out all about the first multifruit tree, how to look out for nutrient deficiencies, the heritage apple variety: BLACK GILLYFLOWER, safety standard for gloves (all important when grafting and budding, as well as pruning), wildflowers and beneficial insects.

Newsletter Spring 2016

Amongst other interesting articles, find out about the weather, orchards in Afghanistan, biennial bearing, hybrid berries and making apple cider vinegar.

Newsletter Winter 2015

Amongst other interesting articles, find out about Bitter Pit, Heritage Apple Variety: Dr. Harvey and Fruit Focus: Greengage

Newsletter Autumn 2015

Newsletter Summer 2015

Newsletter Spring 2015

Newsletter Winter 2014

The apple profiled in this issue is the ever popular Scotch Bridget. We also learn that East Malling Research has launched a "first of its kind" DNA analysis service at the National Fruit Show to enable breeders, propagators and growers to identify the variety of a plant.

Newsletter Autumn 2014

THe orchard profile is Low Stanger Farm, and here we find out about the heritage apple variety, Margil. Find out about hiring one of SLOG's two sets of apple pressing equipment, and the chance for members to order rootstock for next year's grafting.

Newsletter Summer 2014

Our Orchard Profile in this issue, Leaper’s Rock, is a departure from the usual in that it is a commercial orchard, in fact a “pick your own” venture. He reviews theANCIENT APPLE VARIETY REVIEW: DECIO.

Newsletter Spring 2014

Andy has one again put together the must-read for all who are interested in apples, orchards and other fruit. This time he talks about our rainfall, honey fungus, field voles and he reviews Alant, a heritage apple variety. Plus, much more.

Orchard working party


This newsletter contains lots of interesting reading including reviews of our summer events, news of forthcoming events, details of our newly acquired tree labelling equipment for members to use (should be foolproof......... well they work for me!), Phil's favourite apple variety and much more, including a plea for new committee members.





Newsletter Summer 2013

In this newsletter, Andy reviews Elstar, discusses strawberries, and my favourite apple is Norfolk Royal - find out why...

Apple blossom 2012

Newsletter Spring 2013

This is the "Bee" issue – in recognition of the importance of bees and all the vital unpaid work they do to pollinate our fruit.

Weather Report on page 9 for eye-watering details on the weather in 2012.

"My Favourite Apple":Cumbria's newest apple variety "Bradley's Beauty".





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