Apple Varieties Suitable for Cumbria and the North West

Within SLOG we have a huge amount of experience of apple varieties which do well in our wet north-westerly weather. Here you will see some of those which we particularly like. There's a description of each. If you just want to see pictures, you can do so via Picasa. You can also open an Excel file for more information.

Some of these varieties we graft each year to make young trees which we have for sale.

If you would like more information about a particular variety, the following will give you a lot more detail:

The National Fruit Collection
Orange Pippin

Variety Name

Cooker/ Eater/Dual purpose/ Cider

Season Available from SLOG Comment

Carlisle Codlin

Carlisle Codlin apple

Cooker Mid Yes Cumberland. 1830. A mid season apple which goes yellow in colour, and is greasy. A lovely flavour which cooks down well. Keeps till Christmas.

Churn Lid

Cooker No A local. flat, cooking apple

Duke of DevonshireDuke of Devonshire apple variety

Dessert Late Yes Holker Hall. 1835. A very late dessert apple with a lovely flavour that must be stored to enjoy its flavour. Can keep to February

Greenup's Pippin

Cooker No Keswick area. Late 1700s. A bright red and yellow autumn cooker.

John Huggett John Huggett apple variety

Dual purpose Early No Grange-over-Sands. 1940. An Allington Pippin cross by the eponymous John Huggett. It has large fruit, with lots of flavour which becomes sweet later on. It cooks to a pale cream puree.

Keswick CodlinKeswick Codlin apple variety

Cooker Early Yes 1793. One of the earliest apples which goes yellow in colour. A lovely flavour which cooks down well. Does not keep.

Autumn Harvest

Dual purpose Mid No Westmorland. 1934. A green autumn apple, once found in every orchard.

Forty ShillingForty Shilling Apple Variety

Dual purpose Mid No Carlisle area. 1800.

Lancashire Pippin

Cooker Mid No Westmorland. 1950


Longstart apple
Dual purpose Mid No Westmorland. 1851. Longstart was much grown in N.Lancs and in Cumbria and before the war, and was stocked by Robinson's Mammoth Onion nursery, and was much sought after by customers. However, it does not appear to be very ardy or long lived.

Nelsons Favourite

Cooker Mid No Kendal area. 1958.

Rank Thorn

Rank thorn apple variety

Dual purpose Mid No Westmorland 1951. Handed into Brogdale in 1951 (trees dating back 100 years are still found in local orchards). The local Rankthorn Farm may explain why such a beautiful apple has been given such a plain name.


No A flat, striped apple from Whitebeck orchard, in the Lythe Valley.

Burr Knot

Cooker Mid No 1818. Locally called Keswick Codlin by the old Cumbrians.

Fallbarrow Favourite

Cooker Early No Local variety

Taylor's Favourite

Taylor's Favourite apple
Cooker Mid Yes Originates from Whitebeck farm in the Lyth Valley.

Wheaten Loaves

Cooker Early No Originates from Whitebeck farm in the Lyth Valley.

Holmes Catshead

Cooker Mid No Originates from Whitebeck farm in the Lyth Valley.

Bradley's Beauty

Bradley's Beauty apple variety

Cooker/Dual Mid Yes New dual-purpose apple (very strong-growing and disease-resistant). Found on the Witherslack mosses.

Other Varieties too

Variety Name

Cooker/ Eater/Dual purpose/ Cider

Season Available from SLOG Comment

Early Victoria

Early Victoria apple variety

Dual purpose Mid No (Emneth Early) Replaced Keswick Codlin. From 1899.


Cooker Late No A well-known, strong-growing triploid apple.

Charles Ross

Dual purpose Mid No A commercially available, red-striped oval apple.

Newton Wonder

Newton Wonder apple variety

Cooker Late No Very good keeper. Commercially available.

Warner's King

Cooker Mid No A large green popular Victorian cooker. Lasts from October to December. Prone to canker. Late 1700s.

Golden NobleGolden Nobel apple

Cooker mid No A round, flat, yellow apple.

Bleinheim Orange

Blenheim Orange

Dual late No A slightly russetted apple. Has stood the test of time.

Beauty of Bath

Dessert early No Popular small red market garden variety. From 1864

Annie Elizabeth

Cooker late No Good keeper found in old orchards. From 1857

Lord Derby

Cooker   No A good, easily available autumn and winter cooker.

Lanes Prince Albert

Cooker late No Another good cooking apple. Green with some red stripes.

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