Apples considered suitable for Cumbria
Disease resistance Triploid Flowering   Pick   Use (latest)
(need 2 pollinators) A B C D E F Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr+
Adams Pearmain                                   Good tasting long keeping disease resistant apple
Ashmead's Kernel J !!!                               Good aromatic flavour (if kept). Scab resistant. Also good in cider.
Discovery J                                 Widely available apple. Round and red –flushed.  Much loved by organic growers. Raised in 1949. Blossom said to tolerate frost. Slow to crop.
Duke of Devonshire J                                 A green apple with some russet.  Excellent flavour (if kept). It came from Holker Hall  and was raised by the head gardener .
George Cave J                                 A red and green round- conical apple raised  in Essex 1923. Crisp but fruit soon drops
Green Balsam                                   A plain green Yorkshire apple which came top in tasting trials at Sizergh apple day  some years ago
Katya [Katy] J                                 An oval red flushed eating apple originally  from Sweden. Available commercially. A  hardy apple and a good pollinator.
Laxtons Epicure J                                 A round yellow and red striped early apple commercially available. Trees said to be hardy with some resistance to frost.
Laxtons Fortune J                                 A mid season apple raised in 1904
Lord Lambourne                                   A commercially available red green crisp apple raise in 1907 by the  famous Laxton brothers and suitable for most of Cumbria
Norfolk Royal J                                 Grown at Appleby in Cumbria. A good scab free apple in 2007
Proctors seedling                                   Recommended by Mr. Rainford of the Northern Fruit group. A round red striped apple much grown in north Lancashire.
Rankthorn                                   A beautiful red striped apple in spite of its unpromising name. Local to Westmorland.
Red Devil J                                 A modern disease resistant red apple known to grow in the fells near Cartmel, Cumbria
Ribston Pippin J !!!                               Red striped apple raised from a seed brought from Rouen in France to Knaresborough  Yorkshire in 1688. Highest content of vitamin c of any apple.  Very good flavour.  Parent of cox -orange pippin. A strong growing triploid variety.
St Edmunds pippin                                   Raised in 1870  The earliest russet and much better than Egremont russet in the North West.
Dual Purpose
Bradleys Beauty J                                 Found on the mosses at Witherslack by Mr Robert Bradley. Defies the wet conditions. An oval dual purpose apple and a very strong grower.
Charles Ross                                   Red striped apple, a bit bigger than most eaters.
Gravenstein J !!!                               A yellow striped oblong apple. Arrived in Denmark in 1669 and brought to London in 1819. Crisp with good flavour.  A red sport exists. [Needs two pollinators in group A or B].
Scotch Bridget J !!!                               Conical, red green cooker  with prominent ribs.  The  favourite in Cumbria and North Lancs. Very good keeper and in a warm season pleasant to eat. One of the finest flavour apples for juicing.
Fillingham pippin                                   A "burr knot" apple, which will take from cuttings.  Most burr knots are cookers but Fillingham pippin is a dual purpose apple.
Tom Putt J !!!                               Strong growing bright red cooking or cider apple. Also an acceptable eater after a month or two in store.
Autumn Harvest [also Rev. W. Wilks?] J                                 A green apple which was once grown in every Westmorland orchard. Genetically indistinguisable from Rev. W. Wilks, but flesh is said to be coarser.
Bardsey [renamed Merlin] J                                 A new apple from the island of Bardsey is said to be very disease resistant and is now growing in the Lune gorge successfully
Burr knot J                                 A plain apple of the "burr knot" type. Grows in the Lune valley in the Cumbrian fells.
Cockpit J                                 A  Yorkshire apple. Green cooker with tough glossy skin but very disease resistant. "Improved Cockpit" is dual purpose.
Edward VII                                   A round green late apple recommended for the north. Scab reistant
 Greenup's pippin /Yorkshire Beauty J                                 Grown by a shoemaker Mr. Greenup who lived in Keswick Cumbria Yellow with a red flush.
Grenadier                                   A large round -conical early cooker, very good for baking.
Keswick Codlin                                   A well known Victorian favourite yellow early cooking apple. Quick to drop from the tree.
Lanes Prince Albert J                                 Late keeping cooking apple green with red stripes.
Lord Derby                                   A  popular autumn cooker commercially available.
Lord Grosvenor J                                 An early green- yellow apple. Grows in the Lune gorge in Westmorland.
Newton Wonder J                                 Well known red striped apple and good keeper.
Royal George                                   A huge yellow Lancashire apple, which can weigh over a pound.
Royal Jubilee J                                 A disease free cooking apple recommended for frost pockets.
Taylors Favourite J                                 From Whitebeck Orchard, in the Lythe valley, a red striped  strong growing cooking apple.
Tower of Glamis   !!!                               A  reliable green cooking apple  from Scotland . Less acidity then a Bramley but good disease resistance.
Golden Spire                                   Also known as Tom Matthews cider apple. Sharp apple that can also be used as an early cooker.
Dabinett J                                 Bittersweet apple of vintage quality.
Tremletts Bitter                                   Bittersweet apple with hard tannins - use in blending.
Major                                   Early bittersweet.
Tom Putt (Use Oct for cider) J !!!                               Very versatile apple. Use as a sharp in early cider.