You may think about just getting a few bottles of juice to use up the scabby ones.
Nothing better than using our small apple press and pasteuriser.
Contact us now.

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Hire the Small Apple Press

What Do You Get with Your Hire?

SLOG's 'small' apple press with a Spiedal electric mill is suitable for smaller amounts of apples.

You get a 40 litre hydropress

Capacity: juice yield of up to 20-25 litres (35-44 pints) per pressing, depending on variety and ripeness of fruit.

Achieves high juice yields, it should be possible to carry out 3 pressings per hour. Once filled, the press can take less than 5 minutes to extract juice.

1 x Spiedel electric mill to grind up the apples prior to pressing

2 x electric pasteurisers should you wish to preserve your juice for drinking during the year.

Please note that both of the pasteurisers are digital, and these are the special operating instructions.



Hire Charges

The hire charge for the small press and crusher is £20 per day or per part day of use. We also ask for a £25 deposit, returnable when the equipment safely and cleanly returns.

How to hire

If you are interested in hiring this, please contact:

Andrew Hockenhull: email

Andrew will let you know the dates that the equipment is available. Give him your full details email/telephone etc., your SLOG membership number and the date/s that you require the press.

You must collect the equipment from, and return it to Sizergh Castle, Kendal, LA8 8DZ, between the hours of 9am & 4.30pm

You will be asked to agree that you will return the equipment clean and ready for the next person to use in order to recover your £25 deposit.